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PhD Consult

PhD Consult at Aalborg University

The PhD Consulting service provide consultancy service to PhD students at Aalborg University.

The PhD consultancy service will provide help and assistance to PhD students within these areas:

  • Scientific Computing
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics

The service should be considered as supplementary supervision in the above mentioned areas with the scope of enabling the PhD student to progress further in their research by, e.g.

  • aid efficient implementation and structuring of computational tasks,
  • providing assistance to mathematical issues,
  • identify appropriate statistical methods and methodologies.


The typical case will consist of one or two meetings of approximately one hour.

At the first meeting, the PhD student will present the research problem to one or more of the members of the PhD Consultancy team (see box). A collaborative effort will attempt to identify the scientific research challenges.

After the meeting the PhD student will study the proposed methods and attempt to progress further on their own.

If needed a follow-up meeting will be arranged such that a more detailed discussion of the problems can be addressed.


Aalborg University PhD Consult - a great initiative. I got quick and constructive support regarding my statistical questions and learned more about doing the right statistical analyses on a real example, my own work. Help to help yourself, just like it should be when working on a PhD.

Lea Ambühl.

I was pleased with assistance in statistics when consulted by The PhD consult. The help was quickly given and available further on after the initial contact.

Negar Pourbordbari.

I have used Aalborg University PhD Consult twice regarding statistical questions. They have provided me with thorough explanations, in-depth discussions, sources to additional literature, and good general advices. Overall I have the most positive impression of this great AAU initiative!

Christer P. Volk,
member of the PhD student union PAU and took the initiative to request the consultancy service in 2015.

I used the consultancy service of the University. Soon after I requested the service, I received feedback. As I still had doubts, the consultants scheduled a meeting with me and did their best to solve the puzzle I brought. In a careful revision of the model and code, they helped me to find the bug, which made me doubt about my implementation for a couple of weeks. The consultants were very engaged and committed, and they offered their help if needed later on.

Gissel Velarde.

I have used the PhD consult twice in the initiating state of my studies. I have just presented my first results at an international meeting. I am planning a new meeting with the PhD consult to follow up on statistics. I have been very satisfied with the service.

Peter Pedersen.


To get in contact or request help from the PhD Consultancy Team use


Email: phdconsult@aau.dk

Please, remember to provide a brief and informative subject to your email.

Consultancy Team

Thomas Arildsen

(Scientific Computing)

Emil Solsbæk Ottosen


Mikkel Meyer Andersen


Torben Tvedebrink